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Introduction to Raspberrypi

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries As children works on raspberrypi, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.Due to its small size and accessible price, it can be quickly adopted by makers, and electronics enthusiasts for projects that require more than a basic microcontroller (such as Arduino devices). The Raspberry Pi is slower than a modern laptop or desktop but is still a complete Linux computer and can provide all the expected abilities that implies, at a low-power consumption level.

What kind of operating system does the Raspberry Pi run?

The Raspberry Pi was designed for the Linux operating system, and many Linux distributions now have a version optimized for the Raspberry Pi. Two of the most popular options are Raspbian, which is based on the Debian operating system, and Pidora, which is based on the Fedora operating system. For beginners, either of these two work well which one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference. A good practice might be to go with the one which most closely resembles an operating system you’re familiar with, in either a desktop or server environment. If you would like to experiment with multiple Linux distributions and aren't sure which one you want, or you just want an easier experience in case something goes wrong, try NOOBS, which stands for New Out Of Box Software. When you first boot from the SD card, you will be given a menu with multiple distributions (including Raspbian and Pidora) to choose from. If you decide to try a different one, or if something goes wrong with your system, you simply hold the Shift key at boot to return to this menu and start over.

  • LED blink using Raspberrypi

    Children will learn to build a circuit for LED blink with Rasberrypi and control using Scratch

  • Traffic light control

    It is a project where children can build a circuit using raspberrypi and LED's for Traffic signal control.

  • Pibot control

    It is a project where children can control a Robo using Raspberrypi and Python

  • Raspberrypi games

    children can create the games using Raspberrypi with python coding

  • Raspberrypi with sensors

    Children will learn to build a circuit for sensors like ultrasonic and motionsensors with Raspberrypi.

  • PiCamera and Sensat

    Children will learn to work on Raspberrypi boards to take photos and to do creative things.

Intro to Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Explanation of the Components on a Raspberry Pi

Connection of Raspberry Pi

Connection of Raspberry Pi with Laptop without a Monitor and a Router

Makey Makey with Raspberry Pi

Crazy Conductive creation with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi at KiddyPi

Control Minecraft

Control minecraft through clay joystick

Scratch Programming

Scratch is a visual programming for kids

Explanation of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer

Raspberry Pi World

School Project

Raspberry Pi with School Project

Scratch With Raspberry Pi

Philips first game written on Scratch using the Raspberry Pi

Scratch With Raspberry Pi

Philips second game written on Scratch using the Raspberry Pi